iPad 2 Is Number 1 in Consumer Reports’ Tablet Ratings

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The iPad 2 – specifically the iPad 2 WiFi + 3G (32GB) model – finished at the top of Consumer Reports’ latest tests of the 10 most promising tablet computers. Consumer Reports tested the original iPad and iPad along with tablets from Archos, Dell, Motorola, Samsung, and ViewSonic; evaluating them on 17 criteria – including touch-screen responsiveness, versatility, portability, screen glare, and ease of use.

Some interesting points that emerged from their testing:

— “So far, Apple is leading the tablet market in both quality and price, which is unusual for a company whose products are usually premium priced,”

— The iPad 2 topped the ratings and scored Excellent in nearly every category.

— The Motorola Xoom is considered the closest rival to the iPad 2.

— The original iPad also outscored many of the other tablets tested and tied with the Motorola Xoom.

The biggest gap in performance in the testing was on the battery-life test:

The top-scoring iPad 2 lasted 12.2 hours, but the lowest-rated tablet, the Archos 70 Internet Tablet, $270, lasted just 3.8 hours

I’m a little surprised that the original iPad was not a clear second place finisher, but otherwise think these results are as expected – with early rivals still mostly catching up with the first-generation iPad.

News Via: Boy Genius Report

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