iPad 2 launch day lines in Austria

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My iPad 2 launch day ended up pretty good.

Since my last post 2 days ago, I talked myself into taking the plunge and plunked down in full for my iPad 2 of choice (white, 16GB, wifi, € 479) gambling that this would increase my chances of actually getting the unit this Friday.

It worked! As they promised, McShark gave me a call yesterday evening to let me know that my unit was available but that I had to pick it up on Friday otherwise it would be assigned to someone else. Agreed, so today my delightful hubby drove to Vienna to get the coveted iPad 2 for me (unfortunately home ill).

Punctually at 5 p.m. the pre-sold iPads began to be distributed briskly. Those who had hoped to try their luck and turn up in the unlikely event that there were spare ones leftover were disappointed. The Apple reseller received far less than they had had demand for. First batch sold out. The long lines were for those of us who had pre-paid in advance. Andy arrived at 4:40 and left the store again, iPad 2 and Smart Cover in hand, at quarter past 5. Not bad. Mission accomplished!

Thank heavens for foresight!

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