iPad in Demand: The Queen of England Wants One

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Image Source: Standard.co.uk

The Queen of England wants an iPad and, proving once again that the royals are really just like you and I, she has ordered her staff to buy her one.

According to The Sun, she was ‘wowed’ when her grandsons, Princes Harry and William, showed her their iPads. A ‘royal insider’ quoted by The Sun says the queen was very impressed.

"She was particularly taken with how easy it was to use, the large screen and how light it was.

So hopefully soon her majesty will have a shiny new iPad 2, and hopefully one of her grandsons or a staff member will be kind enough to introduce her to Angry Birds. Maybe we’ll even see an iPad 2 featured in this year’s Queen’s Speech.

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2 thoughts on “iPad in Demand: The Queen of England Wants One”

  1. Wait, Steve Jobs hasn’t sent her one directly, already?

    Gosh, bloody slow coach…

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