iPad Numbers and the Post-PC Era

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iPad vs PC Sales Numbers

From Horace Dediu’s Asymco post on the second Year of the iPad in a row.

The iPad has out-sold the Mac since inception and is now about three times the volume. However, the growth rate in the Mac has not changed much.

The new data shows that the iPad alone would be the largest PC vendor and Apple with iPad and Mac combined is selling 5 million more units (or 30%) than the top PC vendor.

Selling three times as many iPads as Macs at a time when Mac sales continue on a nice upward trend is impressive – but that last bit that I’ve bolded above is the truly amazing part. The new data (latest quarterly results) shows that iPad alone would be the biggest PC vendor if it was considered a computer.

Maybe the Post-PC era that Steve Jobs talked about is not so far off.

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