iPad Shipping Dates for New International Orders Moving Back Further

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It looks like demand for the iPad is still outstripping supply – almost everywhere you turn.  There are numerous reports this week that nearly all US retail outlets are sold out of the iPad 3G models, and only very few even have WiFi model available.

This weekend we have further news that shipping dates for new international orders are moving back again.  Initial international pre-orders are scheduled to ship on May 28th – but for those who waited a little bit to order, the news is not great:

The first batch of orders had ship dates of May 28th. Then, a couple days after the May 10th pre-order date, ship dates were moved back to June 7th.

Now, the Apple website shows a pre-order ship date of just “June”.

The US Buy Now page lists 7-10 days as the shipping timeframe.  Here’s hoping Apple finds a way to flip it up a gear on the supply side of things soon.

Via: iPad in Canada

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