iPad Still Dominating Tablet Market Despite Rash of New Competitors

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Image Source: Fortune Tech

According to a survey done in April by The Nielsen Company shows the iPad still dominating the tablet market in the US – with a share of 82%, split almost evenly between its WiFi only models and WiFi + 3G models at 43% and 39% respectively.

Some things that jump out in the survey findings:

— No other tablet has a share of even 5%. ‘Other’ is kicking their butt at 9%.

— The Blackberry PlayBook is not listed, it likely hit the market too late to be considered in this one.

— It’s surprising to me that the WiFi only and 3G iPad models are running neck and neck. I would’ve expected to see the WiFi only units far ahead.

— iPad’s impact on usage of desktop and laptop computers is bigger than I would’ve guessed too – with 35% of tablet owners who own desktop computers saying they use their desktop less often or not at all, and 32% of laptop owners saying the same.

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