iPads Banned from Yankee Stadium

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Image Source: ballparks.com

According to an AP report, iPads have been added to the list of banned devices at Yankee Stadium (a list which has apparently included laptops for quite a while).  The ban is for a simple reason …

Meanwhile, MLB Advanced Media CEO Bob Bowman told Business Insider that the ban existed because the Yankees "didn’t want fans to get hurt by [becoming] distracted and getting hit in the face with a ball."

I’ve been to a number of college, minor league, and major league games (including a few in the old Yankee Stadium) and I think it’s a smart policy.  If you sit anywhere close to the field, line drive foul balls and broken bats can be a real hazard if you’re not watching the game closely (and sometimes even if you are).  Then again, phones may be just as much of a distraction – but I assume they may escape the banned list because they can be needed for emergencies.

I also have to imagine that the Press Box gets a pass on these restrictions, and I bet there will be plenty of iPads put to use there.

Via: TG Daily

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2 thoughts on “iPads Banned from Yankee Stadium”

    1. Ha – now that's just a cheap shot in the Subway Series war. Either that or Mets management is not worried if a few of their fans get beaned during games :)

      And oh yes, MLB At Bat is such a great app.

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