iPad’s Enterprise Momentum Growing

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It looks like the iPad is on its way to being a bit hit not just with consumers, but also in the enterprise – at least according to one new survey among tech bosses.

ComputerWold has recently done an article highlighting a number of encouraging stats for Macs, iPhone, and the iPad – with some very impressive iPad numbers quoted from an annual survey done by ITIC Corp. and Sunbelt Software amongst enterprise technology managers.

— Astonishingly, 23 per cent (that’s nearly one in four) of IT managers told the survey that they had already purchased or ordered the new Apple tablet.

— Another 18 percent said they would within the next nine months. 51 percent aren’t committed to a purchase yet, while 8 percent of the survey group are just waiting for prices to fall.

Almost everyone (86%) who already has an iPad uses it for both business and pleasure.

Those are some great numbers.  I also think they’re not shocking – as the iPad should prove to be a great do-it-all device in almost any environment. 

Via: ComputerWorld

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3 thoughts on “iPad’s Enterprise Momentum Growing”

  1. While I think that there are a lot of people that are buying these the application for business is still quite limited. If all you need is email, a browser and a place to take notes, then the iPad is great. But, as mentioned in my latest blog post, they still have some way to go in allowing companies to put their proprietary apps on the devices.

    The enterprise developer suite looks good on paper (what little information there is on it) but my company applied for this a while ago, and easily qualifies, but nothing yet. Perhaps it is vapor-ware?

    1. Fair point – though not all environments will need to deploy proprietary apps right away on the iPad, and remote access apps should provide a decent workaround for some as well.

  2. A lot of enterprises buy an iPad for their employees as they offer them a business car. The amazing fact is that iPad had become such a blockbuster so fastly !

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