iPads Now Available Via Best Buy Online

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Just in case you needed yet another option for where to purchase a shiny new iPad, you can now do so at Best Buy’s online site, BestBuy.com.

Best Buy online is carrying all six iPad WiFi and WiFi + 3G models, and the prices are the same as Apple online or retail, with free shipping. You can also choose to purchase online and pickup at your local store, if your store supports it and has your desired model in stock.

For all the details or to get on with ordering, visit Best Buy’s site here: http://bit.ly/dJXg4r

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3 thoughts on “iPads Now Available Via Best Buy Online”

  1. Something cool they added: friends and family pickup. Family member in Florida bought me an iPad, I was able to pick it up in SoCal.

      1. Yep. I always thought that option should be there from the start. There's no good reason in this day and age. I'm glad that BB started doing this.

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