iPads Replacing iMacs at Children’s Tables in Apple Stores

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iPads at Kids Table in Apple Stores

It looks like Apple retail stores are replacing iMacs with iPads at their ‘Kids Table’ areas, as Rene Ritchie at iMore recently reported.

The tables, which had previously been decked out with a quartet of iMacs, now sport 4 iPads instead.

Like the previous iMacs, which were set up with educational and game programs, the iPads had a variety of child-friendly apps.

I think this is a great move by Apple – in my experience, kids take to iPads and get pretty heavily engaged with them much more quickly than they do with computers. Between the ease-of-use of iOS and the big touch-screen to work with, it’s far easier for kids to get around and find what they like to do on an iPad.

iPads are already used by Apple store Genius and concierge staff – I’m not sure any Apple product has as big a presence in their stores now.

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