Jailbreak for iPad 2 Released

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The much-awaited jailbreak for the iPad 2 has been released.

It is an extremely simple browser-based jailbreak – available at the jailbreakme.com website. It doesn’t require getting your device into recovery mode first or anything like that. All you do to jailbreak is visit the jailbreakme site, tap the ‘Free’ button underneath Cydia icon and developer credits, then tap ‘Install’.

The lead developer on this jailbreak is comex, who had help from chpwn, saurik (founder of Cydia and Dev Team member) and others. Comex is a student at Brown university and he is currently looking for internship or other opportunities where he can help ‘make something really cool’.

I am debating about whether to jailbreak my iPad 2. I am very happy with the iPad 2 stock, and very much looking forward to iOS 5 in the Fall – but I am a little tempted to jailbreak solely for the ability to mirror from the iPad 2 to my Mac. I’ll be mulling this over a bit, or succumbing to temptation, during the course of the next couple days.

Have any of you jailbroken your iPad 2 yet?

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5 thoughts on “Jailbreak for iPad 2 Released”

    1. Weary of it is a good way to describe it. I feel that too, even while still feeling tempted.

  1. I did it this afternoon, and had no issues whatsoever, and I’m hardly a power user who knows all that SHSH sh*t. Cydia does seem to take a little longer to download packages than on my iPhone 3GS, and that caused one app to not install properly as it was trying to install while Cydia was still running that package download. Once it was done, a reinstall worked flawlessly. I’ve only installed SBSettings, Action Menu, Activator, and DeleteMail, which was all I really wanted… the tweaks they offer like triple-clicking to get all open apps jiggling and quit them all with one press, or never having to go to the lock screen, are what made me want to JB in the first place. I was too used to having them on the phone and was so ingrained to expect them on the iPad. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

    1. Cool, and very good to hear. I’m still having an internal debate on whether or not to.

      Apple is going to patch this very soon and likely throw in a new feature or along with whichever update that’s done in, and I really have grown tired of facing that trade-off moment where you either keep your jailbreak or update to a new version of iOS.

      Still a little torn, and prone to change at any time, but right now I’m leaning towards just staying stock and waiting on iOS 5.

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