Latest Tablet User Survey Good News for iPad, Tablets in General

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A recent survey of tablet owners in the US is very good news for Apple and the iPad, and for tablet makers in general. Not surprisingly, it’s not great news for makers of laptops, netbooks, and eReader devices.

The survey, highlighted in a CNET report and conducted by Resolve Market Research, concludes that tablets are no longer seen as just expensive toys, and shows them having a strong ‘cannibalization’ effect on several other similar product classes.

Some of the results and numbers that jumped off the page for me include:

— As we already knew, the iPad currently holds a dominant position in tablet ownership among both personal and business owners. As the chart above shows, they have an 89% share of personal owners in the survey, and an 81% share of business owners. The %age of business owners with an iPad 2 (29%) is impressive.

— A chart showing tablets owners thoughts on what type of device they will not buy after owning a tablet is bad news for eReaders (53%, to top the chart) and netbooks/laptops (42% to come in second in a race nobody wants to win).

— The most striking number for me was in the chart titled ‘Laptop Cannibalization’. It showed that 57% of owners surveyed said their tablet had either fully or partially replaced their laptop for work-related purposes.

That last one is a big number, and yet another great rebuttal for all those who think the iPad is all about consumption and not about creation and productivity.

How does your iPad experience compare with those survey results? Would you buy a netbook or eReader device after owning an iPad? Does your iPad replace your laptop for any work-related usage?

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One thought on “Latest Tablet User Survey Good News for iPad, Tablets in General”

  1. Patrick,

    Thanks for the post. In answer to your question I would have to say that I would consider purchasing a Macbook and maybe even a Macbook Air. I love my iPad as you probably know, but there are simply times I would rather have a full computer to write posts, write longer email responses, etc. Plus, a small laptop could be easily connected to a keyboard and large monitor to double as a desktop.

    All of that said I can’t say that I would buy a laptop over whatever the next iPad will be. That ultimately will be a tough decision because the iPad is almost like a phone in that it is with me at work whenever I need to and is simply a lot more convenient than a laptop.

    In the end I would simply be conflicted! Just how Apple wants me…


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