Lots of Great iPad News at WWDC 2011 Keynote Event

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Wow. Apple’s WWDC 2011 keynote event that just finished up a short while ago was like a thrill ride to follow. Full of great news for iPad and iOS users. Here’s just a few of the most exciting bits of news for iPad users:

— iOS 5 will be coming out this fall and packs over 200 new user features.

— One of those that may be a killer new feature for the iPad is a split keyboard, to make thumb typing in portrait mode on the iPad much easier.

— iOS 5 will make the iPad and iOS devices ‘PC Free’. No more need to connect to a PC to activate your iPad when you bring a new one home. OTA (Over the Air) firmware (operating system) updates. And OTA iTunes sync as well. Hurrah to making sync cables nearly obsolete.

— A vastly improved Notifications system. This one was top of just about every iOS user’s wish list for so long, glad to see it finally arrive.

— A brand new messaging system for use between iOS devices.

— AirPlay Device Mirroring – mirror everything you do on your iPad to your Apple TV, with no cable required.

— Multitasking gestures to move between apps.

— Newsstand – a new app to house all of our iPad newspaper and magazine subscriptions, with new issues downloaded automatically in the background, and issues available offline.

— Deep Twitter integration throughout the OS.

Oh, and the newly unveiled iCloud service has some exciting new features that will impact the iPad too.

I’ll be posting more details on many of these upcoming features soon. For now, I’m just digesting it all and feeling super excited to see these changes coming to the iPad and iOS.

Image Source: Engadget

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  1. What an awesome WWDC keynote. I’m very excited for these new features! Wifi sync is a very welcome new addition too!

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