Mashable Says iPad Is Tech’s Biggest Win of 2010

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Oh yes, the iPad’s trophy cabinet is continuing to fill up in just its first year of existence. The latest accolade I’ve seen for it is from Mashable – where it has been named as Tech’s Biggest Winner of 2010.

Here’s some of their reasoning behind the pick:

The past year was the year of Facebook and Apple. Both companies grew by leaps and bounds, increased their valuations by billions of dollars and made a significant impact on the world.

Only one, however, established an entirely new market that it now dominates with an iron fist. It’s hard to believe that it hasn’t even been a year since Apple launched the iPad, a device that has turned the tablet form factor into a must-have. Apple is expected to sell 13.3 million iPads this year, up from… well, up from zero iPads in 2009.

It’s not just the fact that Apple single handedly created a new multi-billion-dollar revenue stream, but that it’s redefining all of computing.

I’ve still yet to see any sort of end-of-year “Best of …’ type list involving tech that has not featured the iPad as the winner. I’m sure there are some (maybe even lots) out there but I haven’t come across them yet – please feel free to point me to some in the comments.

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