More Crazy iPad Numbers and More Thoughts on It from Apple’s CEO

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The iPad is an amazing and versatile device, and this week is providing plenty of evidence of the amazing numbers that back that up. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has also offered up some thoughts on why the iPad is such a huge success and how huge its potential is.

Here are a few of those amazing numbers that have caught my eye, along with some of those thoughts from Tim Cook, and a few of my own thoughts:

— As Alicia noted the other day, Apple sold over 40 million iPads in 2011, and over 15 million in the last quarter of the year. Both numbers are well ahead of all other tablets sold combined. The 15 million sold is also triple the number of Macs sold in that quarter – and it was a record quarter for Mac sales. Tim Cook said in Apple’s earnings call earlier this week that he believes there will come a day when the tablet market is bigger than the PC market.

That day may not be that far off, as highlighted by this comment noted by TechCrunch:

Towards the end of the earnings call, Tim Cook dropped a huge nugget of information: led by 15 million iPads sold last quarter, the tablet market is now larger than the entire desktop PC market.

–  More than 55 million iPads have been sold in less than two years on the market. Among the dozens of supposed rival Android, Windows, Blackberry and other tablets it doesn’t look likely that any of them have even sold 10 million thus far.

— A recent report by Good Technology, leading providers of mobile middleware for push messaging, device management in the corporate arena, showed iPads with a whopping 96% share.

TechCrunch paraphrases Cook on why the iPad is so far ahead:

The iPad’s strength, he argues, is that it is a general-purpose device, not a limited to just a few media-consuming functions. There are “over 170,000″ iPad apps, orders of magnitude more than another tablet. “It’s not just a product,”s ays Cook, “it is a strategy for the next decade.”

According to today, there are actually over 183,000 iPad apps available in the App Store.

— Finally, here’s a quote from Cook on tablets in 2011 and beyond (emphasis mine):

Last year was supposed to be the year of the tablet … but most people would agree it was the year of the iPad, for the second year in a row. And we’re going to continue to innovate like crazy.

I love that last line, especially right around this time of year – when we await the launch of the iPad 3. Maybe Apple can manage a third year in a row that will be called the year of the iPad when we look back on it.

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