More Demand for the iPad Now than for the First iPhone Back in 2007?

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A new survey has found that 13 percent of respondents are likely to buy Apple’s forthcoming iPad, a number greater than the 9 percent who planned to purchase an iPhone before its launch in 2007.

Details of the survey from RBC/ChangeWave were released Tuesday by RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky. He said the responses from 3,200 participants show strong pent-up consumer demand for the iPad, which could bode well for Apple’s new product.

This is just one survey of course, and one with not massive numbers of respondents, but it looks like quite good news for the iPad’s sales prospects.  I don’t think it’s surprising either, as my impression in talking to people on and offline is that after some initial disappointment on its launch day (because all our wildest expectations weren’t met?) interest and enthusiasm for the iPad have been growing.

Check out Apple Insider’s report here for more details on the survey findings, including how people are planning to use the iPad:

What do you all think?  Do you see friends / colleagues / acquaintances showing interest in the iPad?

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