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Yesterday Apple’s COO Tim Cook provided some further information on where the iPad will be available for purchase when it is released. In addition to Apple’s own retail locations, it was announced that the iPad will be available at Best Buy stores.  Many sites have also speculated that AT&T outlets may have the device as well.

It’s good to see the range of choices increasing for where to get an iPad on launch day or afterwards.  I was originally thinking I’d pre-order one but then I remembered reading some sad stories last year when the iPhone 3GS was released, from folks who had pre-ordered it, been told they’d have it on the launch day, and then got stiffed by one of the delivery companies and had to wait until the following Monday.  Now I think I’ll most likely go to a local Apple store, though I also have a Best Buy very close to home.

Where are you planning to purchase the iPad from?

Via: AppleInsider

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3 thoughts on “More Places to Buy an iPad”

  1. I'm pre-ordering it, because the lines at any Apple store (or any store selling the iPad) in NYC are bound to be too hideous to contemplate. If I get stiffed and have to wait a few days, it's a small price to pay for not having to deal with teeming masses of humanity who've been up all night.

    1. That sounds like a good call. Luckily here In Austin we should hopefully only have mini teeming masses – and I'm lucky to have AT&T, Best Buy, and Apple stores all within around 5 miles, so if one of them is berserk I can just move on to another.

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