New iPad Owners Survey: Heat Issue, What Heat Issue?

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New iPad and Heat Issue

A new survey shows that the vast majority of new iPad users have not experienced any heating issues at all. Changewave Research asked new iPad owners how much of a problem (if any) they had with excessive heat on their 2012 iPad.

No fewer than 89% of those surveyed said it’s not a problem / they haven’t experienced a problem. The number for those who said it is a very big problem: 0%, goose egg.

I have said I thought this was a non-issue from the outset, so count me in the 89%.  It’s interesting to see that even Consumer Reports, who initially played up the ‘overheating issue’ have now given the new iPad a strong recommendation.

New iPad vs iPad 2 Satisfaction

More interesting results from the Changewave survey of new iPad owners include:

— Customer satisfaction with the new iPad is at a hugely impressive 98%, just ahead of the iPad 2. A staggering 82% of owners are very satisfied, and 16% are somewhat satisfied.

— When asked about specific features they like best, the retina display was the runaway winner – with 75% of owners giving it the nod. Long battery life was second, with 22%, followed by 4G LTE capability and speed of device / faster processor.

New iPad Customer Likes

— When it comes to things they dislike about the new iPad, the top choice was cost of the device, chosen by 26%. A close second (at 23%) is cost of the wireless data plan.

Though this was a fairly small survey (200 new owners) the results are very clear. New iPad owners are very, very happy campers and very few have any concerns at all about overheating.

Check out the full survey results here:

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