New iPad Shipping Dates Slip to March 19, Pre-orders Sold Out Already

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New iPad Shipping Dates

It looks like demand for the new iPad is huge. Apple Insider reports that Apple has confirmed that pre-orders stock is already sold out.

Apple has officially acknowledged that iPad stock set aside for preorders is sold out, while noting also that customer response to the device has been "off the charts."

Shipping times for all new iPad models have also slipped from March 16 to March 19. So now if you want one on launch day you’ll need to get one at an Apple store or another retailer carrying it on the day it’s released.

It will be interesting to see if Apple release any numbers for pre-orders – that would allow us a little more perspective on levels of demand for the latest generation of the iPad.

I’ve been planning to line up for the new iPad all along, just as I’ve done for the first two generations (though with the original one I was able to pre-order for delivery to my local Apple store).  So my worries are not about shipping dates, but about weather conditions on Thursday / Friday. :)

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2 thoughts on “New iPad Shipping Dates Slip to March 19, Pre-orders Sold Out Already”

  1. I ordered mine on Friday, the 9th, and received an email yesterday (the 11th) that it had shipped. Tracking still shows it as on time for the 16th. Fingers crossed, of course :-)

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