Now You Can Buy an iPad with Cash Money, Thanks to Diane

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After a San Francisco, Calif., news report highlighted a woman who was denied the ability to purchase an iPad with cash, Apple has reversed its policy and rewarded the woman by giving her the hardware for free.

Thanks to Diane Campbell, and that local TV stations’ coverage of her complaint, we can all now buy an iPad with cash.  That always seemed a pretty crazy policy, nice to see it revoked now.

Via: Apple Insider

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4 thoughts on “Now You Can Buy an iPad with Cash Money, Thanks to Diane”

  1. I can see Apple not wanting a ton of cash on site with all the nut cases out there!! there selling 200,000 Ipads a week if they had say 150 people come in and buy a Ipad with cash they'd have around 75,000 cash in the store!!!

    1. I would imagine that's an everyday issue for Apple anyway – there are plenty of other products being sold all day long in their stores – and the same for other big retailers. I can't see that being the reason.

  2. I paid with a combo of cash (saved from a few Christmas and birthday gifts) and credit card. Guess my Apple Store clerk wasn't aware of the policy. There's no excuse for this policy. Apple even avoids the credit card fees they otherwise have to pay!

  3. DUH – the only reason Apple wanted credit card / debit card info was for a permanent (or semi permanent) link to the customer. For example, iTunes purchases, etc. If the person pays in cash and further pays for other services in gift cards or whatever, there is no demographic information or way to track what that customer does. Call it a combinaton of keeping your customer linked up for purchases and big brother-ish tactics.

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