NPR Planning iPad App & iPad Optimized Site

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NPR News app

National Public Radio – or NPR as it’s better know as – is planning on both a native iPad app and a version of their web site that is optimized for the device.

The optimized version of the site should be ready on Day 1 of the iPad being available.

Features like the NPR audio player have been given greater visibility and adapted for the unique technical requirements of this new platform; we’ve modified the navigation and made the site more "touch" friendly; and we’ve improved the sponsorship experience — all without changing the main site.

If you’re a fan of NPR – and its excellent iPhone app – then here’s more good news on their plans for a native iPad app:

At the same time we’re optimizing the Web site, we’re also developing a companion "app" for the iPad — one that builds on what we’ve learned from the iPhone, but takes full advantage of the new device’s larger format. Like the iPhone app, the iPad app will prominently feature public radio streams and on-demand programming from around the nation, in addition to plenty of reading material.

The Wall Street Journal is also said to be preparing a Flash-free site for the iPad in time for its launch in just a couple of weeks.  So that’s two blue-chip US news sources planning both optimized iPad sites and iPad native apps – as we already heard from the WSJ on their plans and testing of a native app.

Not a bad thing to have all these sort of leading media outlets scrambling to bring out their iPad sites and apps.

Via: inside and TUAW

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