One Third of Tablet Users Spend Less Time Watching TV than with Their Tablet

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A survey done amongst 1,400 tablet users by Google’s AdMob subsidiary reveals some interesting levels of usage. As per the post title, one of the notable numbers is that just over one third of users said they spend less time watching TV than they do with their tablet. That’s a huge sea change.

As expected, usage of desktop and laptop PCs and smartphones also suffers due to tablet usage. Another striking number: 77% of respondents report that their desktop/laptop usage decreased after they started using a tablet.

Given that the tablet market is still 90+ % iPad at the moment, these numbers can be said to apply to iPad users. I know that my smartphone (iPhone) usage has dropped off sharply since getting an iPad. My laptop usage has also decreased, but less so. And I definitely spend more time now with the iPad than watching TV.

How about you guys? Does the chart above reflect your usage patterns?

News Via: Fortune Tech

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2 thoughts on “One Third of Tablet Users Spend Less Time Watching TV than with Their Tablet”

  1. Most of the time when my kids watch TV, it’s on the iPad. Most of their TV usage is for big screen gaming now.

    Especially last night, when one was supposed to be asleep but was watching the iPad instead. iPads now being confiscated at bed time!

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