President Obama Has an iPad

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Image Source: Fortune Tech

If you’re tallying up the things you have in common with the President of the United States, here’s one to add to your list: he’s an iPad owner (I’m assuming you are too if you’re reading here).

From a report at MarketWatch:

Obama said at a town hall meeting hosted by Spanish-language network Univision (the network will broadcast the town hall on Monday night). “But usually I carry a BlackBerry around,” Obama told anchor Jorge Ramos, referring to Research In Motion Ltd.’s smartphone.

“Do you have an iPad?” asked Ramos next.

“I do have an iPad,” Obama replied, joking later about also having his own computer.

Good stuff, except for that bit about the Blackberry of course. Smile I wonder whether the president will be looking at the Blackberry PlayBook when it is released. Also wonder whether he’s got an original iPad or an iPad 2. In any case, has anybody told him about this site yet?

Source: MarketWatch via Fortune Tech

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