Radio Shack Page Lists Which of Its Stores Are Selling iPad 2

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If you’re wondering whether a Radio Shack outlet in your area may be selling the iPad 2, after they started selling it yesterday at 500 of their stores, there is a page on their web site that will help you out.

Jus search for iPad 2 on Radio Shack’s home page, and you’ll see a ‘Find a Store’ dropdown where you can choose your state, and get a listing of outlets selling the iPad 2 by city and town. Here in Texas, I was surprised to see Austin is not on the list at all.

Judging by some reports on the web over the last 24 hours – like this one – Radio Shack does not seem the best of options for those seeking an iPad 2. They are said to be getting very small supplies (below 10 units at a time) and customers are reporting being forced to buy AppleCare and or iPad 2 accessories in order to be allowed to purchase an iPad 2 at Radio Shack.

Have any of you seen a local Radio Shack selling iPad 2 yet?

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