Radio Shack to Start Selling iPad 2 at 500 Outlets Tomorrow

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According to a report at Apple Insider, Radio Shack is the latest big US retailer to announce they’ll soon be selling the iPad 2. The report says the iPad 2 will go on sale at 500 of Radio Shack’s busiest locations this Tuesday.

It seems odd to be expanding the range of retailers selling the iPad 2 while supply still does not seem to be close to meeting demand in the US. I suppose it’s another place for those still seeking an iPad 2 to call to check for available stock, but like other US retailers, Radio Shack will likely receive very small amounts of stock.

I’ve got a Radio Shack location very close to where I live. If they are one of the chosen outlets, I’ll be interested to see if they carry any iPad 2 cases and accessories, beyond just the Apple smart covers.

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3 thoughts on “Radio Shack to Start Selling iPad 2 at 500 Outlets Tomorrow”

  1. Very cool. I’ve got a radio shack just up the street too. I’ll be checking it out soon. It’s been at least 3 years sense i stepped foot into RadioShack..

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