Reason There’s No Facebook iPad App Yet – Their CEO Says iPad Isn’t Mobile

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As part of the Q&A in today’s announcement, FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg fielded a question about a Facebook App coming to the iPad.  His answer?  ”iPad is a computer, not a mobile device.”

Apparently later this was watered down to something along the lines of the iPad isn’t as mobile as a phone. Facebooks head of Mobile Products also noted that the ‘explosion of tablets’ isn’t always going to be about just the iPad …

That leads Facebook to believe that committing limited resources to one tablet just doesn’t make sense.

Hmmm, there have always been a large number of rivals in the smartphone arena (and in fact a lot more credible and serious ones than there are for the iPad just now) – and that never stopped Facebook from devoting resources to an iPhone app.

Sources: 9to5Mac and TUAW

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One thought on “Reason There’s No Facebook iPad App Yet – Their CEO Says iPad Isn’t Mobile”

  1. Well, who cares. If Mark Z. T. thoinks it’s not ok to develop APP for iPAD just use “Friendly” ! There are more Zuckenbergs out there and thay are interested to develop and take Care.

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