Report Says iPad and iPhone Are Now Secure Enough for Enterprise Businesses

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Apple’s iPhone and the iPad have become increasingly popular. In 2007, IT dismissed the iPhone as insecure and unsuitable for enterprises. Three years later, the iPhone (and iPad) gives enterprises enough security options to enable them to say "yes" instead of "no." In this report, Forrester defines seven security policies every enterprise should implement to keep its email and corporate information safe on Apple mobile devices, whether or not the enterprise owns them.

That’s a slice of the executive summary of a new report from Forrester Research covering whether the iPhone and iPad are secure enough for business.  I haven’t read the full report (it’s a little out of my budget) but the gist appears to be that Yes, both devices are now secure enough for most businesses, as long as appropriate security policies are applied to manage them.

Another good sign pointing towards a bright future for Apple’s iDevices in the enterprise – and really not surprising given all the different types of businesses that we are already seeing the iPad being used in.


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