Report Says iPad App Downloads Have Hit 3 Billion

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A report issued by ABI Research today says that app downloads by iPad users have topped the 3 billion mark. That’s a big number in its own right – but the report also notes that the iPad hit this milestone around six months faster than the iPhone. That seems pretty amazing, given the way the App Store took off when it first hit the iPhone back in 2008.

The iPad’s dominant position in the tablet market is also highlighted in the report, as it notes that app downloads on all Android tablets are estimated at around 400 million – less than one seventh of the iPad’s total. Possible reasons for the disparity cited in the report include OS fragmentation, less choice and lower quality. And then there’s the much lower install base of course as well.

I’m off to the iPad App Store now to do my bit to get it moving towards 4 billion downloads. :)

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One thought on “Report Says iPad App Downloads Have Hit 3 Billion”

  1. That’s an awesome number. I find myself not buying iphone apps as much now. If I can get the same game on the iPad then I’d much rather play it on that then the iPhone. The bigger screen is just so much more enjoyable. I’ve almost stopped app shopping on the phone. I have what I use every day and everything else I buy on the iPad.

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