Skype for iPad Coming Very Soon, with Video Chat

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It looks like we should finally be seeing a Skype for iPad app, with a video chat feature, very soon. This has been one of the big name apps missing from the iPad App Store ever since the iPad launched. There is an iPhone version that runs on the iPad, but of course it has to be used in the rather lame 2X mode because it’s not designed specifically for the iPad.

So the release of the Skype iPad app should be exciting stuff. If it’s a solid app, it will be a better option than Apple’s FaceTime in many ways. For starters, it’s got proper cross-platform support – so you can talk to anyone via Skype, not just other Mac and iOS device users.

News of the app’s impending release comes via CNET and many others this weekend. CNET got a sneak peek at a pre-release version of the app, and they expect it to be released as soon as next Tuesday (June 28). There has also been a leaked video of the app and confirmation from a Skype exec that the app is coming soon.

The Skype iPad version is expected to have similar capabilities to those of the iPhone app – including audio and video calling and chat. Not surprisingly, it will not have the file sharing abilities that desktop versions have.

I use Skype often, on both my Mac and iOS devices, so needless to say I’m very keen to see the new iPad version.

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