Still waiting for the iPad

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Today the iPad went on sale in the United States of America. Nowhere else. Is that a bad thing? Course not! Not for the lucky ones who wanted and got one. But there’s certainly lots to pout about if you’re like me, observing events from the Old World, feeling left out of the party.

Apart from exactly when the iPad will arrive in Europe, we still have no idea how much the models will cost and how much we’ll have to pay for internet services. The UK, French, Spanish and German Apple sites note that the iPad will be available at the “end of April”. No word yet on the Austrian site. But details are still lacking across the board.

Naturally there are many advantages for Apple to do it this way. The company can concentrate energy and resources to make a US launch successful, carefully encouraging product placement and fanning the flames of hype online. Logistics are also easier to manage for a national product launch as opposed to a global start. And then there’s the advantage of lessons learned that will benefit other countries later. Also, a successful launch in the US also means important leverage for negotiating with still-hesitant carriers on a continent with diverse telecommunication regulations and structures. Hopefully these will lead to better prices and conditions for us consumers :-)

I’m saying all this to comfort myself as I watch proceedings closely today. We the Apple faithful across here tend to accept what we get from Apple when we get them. Is that a bad thing?

Anyone else repressing jealous thoughts today?

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