Survey of Future Tablet Buyers Says: iPad, iPad, iPad

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Fortune Tech reported this week on an Changewave survey carried out in August amongst potential tablet buyers that offers more evidence of the current ‘iPad market rather than tablet market’ state of the game.

It shows that 85% of tablet buyers plan to buy the iPad – an increase from 82% in February.

No other tablet even gets close to double figures, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab in a distant second place at 4%.

Presumably we’ll see these sort of survey numbers change as Amazon and others release more iPad rivals this year. Then again at the beginning of this year there were high hopes for The TouchPad, the PlayBook, and the Xoom – now one of them has been discontinued (the TouchPad) and the life expectancy of the other two may not be much longer either – and between them they’ve got a whole 3% in the chart above.

What do you all think? Will Amazon and others step up the competition level for the iPad by early next year?

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