Survey Says 80% of Citrix Business Users Plan to Buy and Support iPads

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A survey conducted by Citrix of its existing customers indicates the overwhelming majority have plans to buy and support Apple’s iPad as a business tool.

This was only a survey amongst a few hundred Citrix customers – but Citrix are a pretty heavyweight name in the enterprise, so it’s surprising to see such strong interest in the iPad.

The reasons given for potential iPad purchases were all over the board:

  • 80 percent will purchase and use iPad for business
  • 84 percent will support the use of personal iPads in their organization, with half of those expecting the company to purchase the hardware for their employees
  • 87 percent say the primary use for iPads will be productivity apps
  • 90 percent will use it for business email, "closely followed by the ability to view, edit and create presentations."
  • 60 percent say they will use iPad for online meetings and to access critical business information
  • 90 percent said the largest benefit to iPad was "increased mobility to work remote, at home, or anywhere," while 74 percent answered "improved productivity and satisfaction."

It would be great to see the iPad make some early progress in the enterprise.

Via: Apple Insider

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