Survey Says: iPad Early Adopters Are Very Happy Campers

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iPad satisfaction survey The Technologizer website has done a survey among 6,000 early adopters of the iPad – and found that they’re absolutely satisfied and happy with their magical, revolutionary new device.  In fact 98% of respondents are satisfied overall with the iPad, and 96% think it is good value.

The survey was conducted in June and contains a number of very interesting, and sometimes surprising, results. 

Technologizer provides a couple of large disclaimers on the survey – the first being that early adopters are typically people who are extremely excited about a new product, and the second is this one:

As usual with our surveys, a disclaimer is in order. We aren’t trying to capture a demographically representative sample of all iPad owners and we didn’t normalize the results. The opinions you’re about to read reflect only the experiences of the folks who took our survey–readers of Technologizer and other sites (such as Daring Fireball) that linked to it.

Here are some of the survey answers that caught my eye:

Battery life is the single feature with highest satisfaction levels, followed by reliability and speed. 

iPadSatisfactionwithFeatures iPad apps are a hit …


iPadSatisfactionWithAppsThis one does not surprise me at all – nobody likes iPhone apps on the iPad much …

NobodyLikesiPhoneAppsoniPad This one did surprise me though – it seems very few early adopters care much about the lack of Flash support …

NoSupportforFlash One other number that I thought was very impressive:

But seventy-three percent of the people who took our survey told us they frequently find themselves using their iPads for jobs they’d normally tackle with a conventional personal computer. And nearly all of them do so at least from time to time.

The survey results contain lots more fascinating answers and information gleaned from iPad early adopters.  When you have a few minutes you should definitely give it a look, here:

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  1. I for one, bought an iPad instead of a Mac.What's funny about this to me is that apple is the one computer company that clearly defines its separate line ups. The iPad runs ios not osx which clearly puts it more closely in a category with an itouch or iphone than with the macbooks. Other tablets coming to market are trying to run a pc os and this will clearly fail. Let the iPad be in the tablet category and let it dominate.

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