Survey Says … US Kids Want iPads

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Interest in Buying in the Next 6 Months (%): Kids 6-12


A new Nielsen survey says that the iPad is the Number 1 wish list item for young kids in the US this holiday season (in the 6-12 age group) – with 31% of the kids surveyed naming it top of their list.

The iPad also scored well in the young adult and adult section of the survey – coming in 4th place at 18%, not far behind the top choice – which was a computer at 20%.

I know some will find it a bit odd that kids as young as 6-12 are hankering after an iPad; but having seen kids react to an iPad when they get a chance to use one I don’t think it’s surprising at all. My 7.5 year old daughter shares an iPad with her mom, and it’s not just big fun for her, but also a great educational tool.

An iPad is definitely quite a big ticket item for the holidays though. Are any of you planning to get an iPad for your child / children this year?

News via: TUAW

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    1. Yup. My wife and daughter share one – but so far my little one is getting the lion's share of the usage out of it.

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