Tablet-generated Web Traffic: 97% iPad, Near Zero Percent for All the Rest

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Sales numbers and discontinued devices offer clear evidence that the iPad is dominating the tablet arena. As Apple Insider notes, the latest report from comScore on tablet-generated web traffic makes this even more clear.

The group notes that Apple’s iPad now accounts for 97.2 percent of all tablet-originating web traffic, driving home the reality that competitors have not yet released a significant tablet competitor.

So all the other dozens of supposed iPad rivals, combined together, account for less than 3% of web traffic. Wow.

Oh, and the iPad has also now passed the iPhone as the single iOS device that generates most web traffic.

As ever, I’m happy to say that my own site stats show a great amount of visits from iPads, more than from any other operating system.

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    1. The pie chart is visits by operating system for this site for yesterday’s date, it’s not the comScore report chart.

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