Tablets Web Traffic Share: iPad Ahead by Ridiculously Huge Margin

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According to a recent comScore survey on web traffic from tablet devices shows the iPad has a completely dominant position in all the major markets surveyed. It holds a 95% or greater share of web traffic for tablet devices in 12 out of the 13 countries included in the report.

The data for the US (for May 2011) shows the iPad accounting for 97% of tablet traffic. So that’s 3% for all other tablets combined. So much for that Flash Gordon theme music and ‘The Best of the Internet’ slogan for the PlayBook.

One of the most striking numbers in the comScore report is this one: the iPad accounts for nearly 22% of all non-computer web traffic in May 2011. That’s a huge number and not that far behind the 36% shown for Android – as a platform, with the huge number of devices that covers!

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