‘The Daily’ iPad-only Newspaper Launch Delayed for Weeks

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Image Source: 9to5Mac

The unveiling of News Corp’s heavily-anticipated new iPad-only newspaper title, The Daily, is said to have been pushed back for weeks.

The launch event for The Daily was expected to be held next week, on January 19th, but apparently Apple and news Corp have now had to push that back. According to a report from the Mediamemo blog – part of the All Things Digital site, which is owned by News Corp themselves – the delay is due to complications with the new subscription service that Apple is expected to announce alongside the launch of The Daily.

Though News Corp. executives have been showing off a working version of The Daily’s iPad app, a new subscription feature that Apple is building into iTunes is apparently the cause of the delay, the report noted.

A News Corp. PR representative contacted by Kafka confirmed the delay, but gave no further details.

Assuming that these reports are correct, that’s a bummer. I’m really looking forward to seeing The Daily, and even more to seeing what sort of subscription system Apple is going to put in place. Presumably this is now tied to the release of the iOS 4.3 update – which has only just had its first beta release this week.

News Via: Apple Insider

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