The Daily Struggling for Readers & Subscribers?

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According to a report this week at, The Daily – the first iPad-only newspaper – is struggling for readers and not coming close to the initial targets set for it to be profitable.

News Corp. (NWSA)’s the Daily is averaging about 120,000 readers a week, or less than a quarter the number the company said it needs to make money, according to an advertising executive working with the iPad-only publication. …

The Daily’s audience is short of the 500,000 subscribers that Murdoch said in February would allow the publication to break even.

And that 120,000 figure is for weekly unique visitors – so their paid subscribers number may be even lower.

Although The Daily has had some major flaws, I think it’s quite a good title for the iPad. I hope News Corp is able to be patient with it and see whether it can pick up momentum and readership. It would be sad to see the first iPad-only newspaper fail.

I know we have a number of readers and subscribers to The Daily here. What do you all think of it? Are you happy with what you’re getting for your subscription?

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6 thoughts on “The Daily Struggling for Readers & Subscribers?”

  1. I mostly enjoyed the free trial of The Daily. I liked the format, and it was an enjoyable 15 or 20 minutes of reading every day. But I didn’t like it well enough to pay for it. Plus – I can’t bring myself to pay money to the Murdoch empire. The phone hacking scandal in the UK is just beyond anything I can accept in a news-gathering organization. The editorial slant was also too right-wing for my taste. The ads were mostly for Fox TV shows (bleh). Who wants to PAY to see ads?

    The Sudoku was fun.

  2. I tried it for the two free weeks. It is a beautiful app and well produced. But since it is only focused on american news and events it is of no interest for me to subscribe to it. I think they are missing out on a lot of potential subscribers by excluding the rest of the world.

  3. With all the other FREE and fantastic news apps out there, I don’t understand the draw of The Daily and I’m not surprised it isn’t doing well. I tried it for free when it first came out, and didn’t see anything special about the layout and the content was thin. My go-to places for news on my ipad are Huff Post, Politico, NPR, BBC News, and NYTimes. Not to mention Flipboard (I have a local news feed set up on there through twitter– my own newspaper!). There seems to be no need for paid content when so much that’s good out there is free!

  4. The Daily is beautifully put together but has way too many ads for a paid subscription. I realize that traditional magazines and newspapers follow the same model, but in a world where news on an iPad is typically free and sometimes even ad free, this model does not keep up with the other alternative methods of receiving information. If I am to pay a subscription for something on my ipad, I still expect it to be ad free.

  5. I love it, it is the first thing I download in the AM, even before I roll out of bed. I tried it free, then weekly and now I have an annual subscription. Later in the day I read the WSJ and the Times but The Daily has the right amount of news to get started. The pictures are superb. The videos are good but I don’t usually take the time to watch them. I frequently skip the Gossip section and because I am not much of a sports fan I only check the headlines and read the items of interest. Yes, the Opinion section is somewhat conservative but since I read the Times also that balances out. You can’t just read the media with whom you agree. I will probably keep the Daily when my WSJ iPad subscription runs out.

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