Uh-oh – AT&T Not Allowing Some iPad Apps to Stream Video Over 3G?

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It appears that Apple/AT&T are blocking some video apps like ABC entirely, while downscaling other videos, like Apple trailers significantly.  It isn’t certain yet whether this is a result of their HTTP Streaming going over smaller pipes or an intentional effort because of licensing restrictions. (3G could be considered broadcast)

That doesn’t sound good.  Anyone with an iPad 3G seeing this?  What is your video streaming experience so far?

Source: iLounge via 9to5Mac

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4 thoughts on “Uh-oh – AT&T Not Allowing Some iPad Apps to Stream Video Over 3G?”

  1. What is also unclear at this point is if Apple/AT&T had anything to do with the ABC app not streaming over wireless 3G. I mean realistically, this is an option box you can check when building an app, and it's not like they had a 3G device to use for testing how well it would handle low bandwidth conditions. ABC could have made a decision that rather than risk low reviews because of poor streaming capability over they 3G they would rather have one in house to test the app with…

    just sayin…

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