VMware View Client Coming to iPad Early Next Year

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VMware is going to release an iPad version of their VMware View client to the iPad in early 2011. This will allow easy remote access to virtual machines running on VMware Fusion.

Parallels – VMware’s main rival – already has an iPad app to allow remote access to virtual machines – Parallels Mobile.

The virtual touchpad shown in the VMware demo looks very cool, nice idea. I also thought it was hilarious to hear the VMware exec say this when commenting on the need for some of these ‘virtual controls’:

Sure, Windows tablets always have those kind of interface challenges.

News via: Razorianfly

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2 thoughts on “VMware View Client Coming to iPad Early Next Year”

  1. I think you missed the point of View. It’s an ESX/ESXi based virtual desktop solution for large enterprises. fusion is a per desktop hosted “type 2” hypervisor. Very different in what they provide!

    1. Maybe so – but I just rewatched the video and I heard no mention of that at all. The guy talks about connecting to his normal Windows desktop. Did you watch the video?

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