Wall Street Journal for iPad Subscriptions Going Well?

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Wall Street Journal on iPad

In the two weeks since the iPad was released, The Wall Street Journal got more than 3,200 new subscribers to pay up for their iPad only-subscription, according to a memo sent to us by WSJ managing editor Robert Thomson.

That’s a slice from a recent report at Business Insider, on the Wall Steet Journal’s new iPad only subscriptions.  They’ve also said that 30,000 existing subscribers have already downloaded the free iPad app.

I really don’t have any points of comparison for this, but the 3,200 subscriptions seems a decent number – especially given the hefty $17.29 per month subscription cost.  I haven’t looked at the app, but have heard that it has been very well reviewed.

Any WSJ iPad subscribers here?  Or anyone who has taken a look and wants to share thoughts on it?

Source: Business Insider via iPhoneFreak

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7 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal for iPad Subscriptions Going Well?”

  1. It is only 1.99 per week for the online version of the WSJ. Why on earth would people pay more for the iPad version? The iPad version is even more than print version. I don't get it.

  2. I'm waiting to find out what the deal is going to evolve into. I am a print subscriber with an iPhone and iPad. WSJ customer support is unable to give me an answer as to whether and how much for coverage on all three media (plus normal web browser access.) How many time do we need to pay for the same words?

  3. I'm not even a potential WSJ subscriber – don't follow finance news much and prefer the FT when I do feel like having a look – but I have to say their pricing seems odd right now. For the reasons both of you have mentioned – i.e compared to other subscription options, and in terms of paying more than once for same / similar content.

  4. Had they been financially astute about the subscription charge and made it $4.00 per month, they would probably get the 30,000 subscribers who downloaded the free app. With their current rate being higher than any other reader fee for their print, I will stick with paper copy when I am in the mood for their viewpoints.

  5. I really hate the extra fees the WSJ charges – $100 per year for online access, $26 for the iPhone, and then another fee for the iPad. Strafor.com does it right by allowing your online login to work with their app which includes multimedia content.

  6. The WSJ app is first class. As a subscriber, I canceled my WSJ print account and replaced it with the iPad version. Everything in the newspaper, including the new New York section, is available on the app. Every story with its corresponding video and photo gallery is readily available. The ads in the app are not intrusive. Other story links from a particular section are always on the right while reading. A great bonus is that the newspaper is updated throughout the day with new stories and videos.

    The Journal has set it up to be an additional product to the printed and website versions. I would love to have them combine an iPad subscription with website access (currently, you need to separate subscriptions).

    This is a wonderful product that is, in my opinion, better than the dead tree version. The Journal did a great job on this app. Now to get other newspapers to follow the Journal's lead.

    1. Good to hear you're so impressed with it. It has had quite good reviews as well I believe. The online + iPad editions combo seems an eminently sensible one – and eminently not sensible to not offer something along those lines.

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