Walmart Offering Discounted Smart Covers with Online iPad 2 Purchase

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Walmart is currently offering a discount on iPad 2 Smart Covers when you purchase an iPad 2 via their online site. If you buy a 16GB WiFi iPad 2 at $499 you can choose one ‘starter accessory’ to go with it.

Some of the starter accessory items are priced the same as they are at Apple – for instance the Camera Connection Kit is listed at $29. Both the polyurethane and leather iPad 2 smart covers are discounted by $20 when added to this bundle though. So you can get a polyurethane smart cover for $20 (instead of the standard $39) and a leather smart cover for $50 (instead of the standard $69).

This deal can be purchased online and then delivered to your nearest store it looks like, via the ‘site to store’ option.

If you happen to be in the market for a 16GB iPad 2, know you want a smart cover, and have a Walmart outlet nearby then you may want to check out their page for this bundle.

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