Woz Doesn’t Want an iPad – He Wants 3 iPads!

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Image Source: natalielefler.wordpress.com

one early adopter is steve wozniak, who cofounded apple with jobs. woz has already ordered three ipads and plans to camp out in front of an apple store the night before the ipad’s debut, just for kicks.
"we all say we want things to be simpler, and now here is this simple thing. i think it will be a huge success," wozniak says."

Good stuff.  Wonder what / who the three are for. 

Source: Newsweek via Gadgets on The Go

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2 thoughts on “Woz Doesn’t Want an iPad – He Wants 3 iPads!”

  1. That's pretty darn cool. I'm sure Woz doesn't have to actually pay for any Apple anything, but the fact that he did, plus is planning on camping out is way cool. Isn't Woz still on the payroll in one of those nebulous "advisor" roles or something?

    P.S. I tried logging in with OpenID first, but was told y'alls implementation was old and needed to be updated to 2.0.

    1. I agree. He always seems a real good guy. Think he has lined up for all the iPhone launches at his local Apple store. Sorry about the OpenID error – the comments system is run by Intense Debate. If you create an ID with them and get one comment approved under that ID, subsequent ones go straight through.

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