You Can Reserve an iPad to Pickup at Local Apple Store – Here’s Where To Go

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Aha.  This is what I am wanting to do – reserve and pickup an iPad at my local Apple store.  I’m not even sure how / why I stumbled across this, but here is where you go to get to it:

It’s a link off the Notify Me page for the iPad.

Right now, unfortunately, it is not fully working – at least for Texas.  It lets me choose the state of Texas, but then will not fill in anything in the drop-down where you should be able to select your desired store location.  If I click the link to go to the store locator page, that works fine and shows me my nearest local store, but will not let me do anything / proceed with it.

I’ve reported this to Apple via their sales line, but so far they are just advising that their servers are slammed and to try again in a couple hours.  I also asked whether you can do this reserving in the physical store nearest you and was told no you cannot, this can be done online only.

Let us know in the comments if you get different results.

UPDATE: This is working fine, just not in my Chrome browser.  I switched over to Safari and got my reservation done.

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8 thoughts on “You Can Reserve an iPad to Pickup at Local Apple Store – Here’s Where To Go”

  1. I wish I had read your tweet or this post first.
    I was looking all over the shipping section of the online preorder option.
    I ended up waiting for Apple Store Chat for about 15 minutes to ask if it could be shipped to the store.
    The link he gave me is much simpler:
    So reserve and preorder are two entirely different things.

    1. iPad 32GB Wifi reserved!
      My initial thought was that I would continue storing all my music on iPhone rather than iPad and only use it for documents and top-notch apps so I would only need the bare minimum. 3G was not necessary because, unlike the iPhone, I don't think I'll be using the iPad EVERYWHERE; rather at home, school, work (all have WIFI) and counting on jailbreak community to come up with a tethering solution that shares iPhone's 3G as a Wifi network that iPad can connect to – If I need something more I plan on selling and upgrading.

      At the last minute I couldn't help but up the ante $100 for the 32GB just in case I want to put some video podcasts or TV Shows/Movies on there for a road trip – which wouldn't be very often.

      1. Modified the post to use your shorter, cleaner link. Mine was just scrambled up early this morning when nobody knew what was going on. :)
        I've seen an awful lots of folks pre-ordering and reserving today. It feels to me as if interest has been growing as the weeks have gone by since the announcement.

        1. Yeah, it's going to be steadily getting more exciting! AI said something like 51000 iPads were reportedly ordered in the first two hours, not counting reservations. Do you remember/know where to find the reported numbers sold of 3GS during the first couple hours?

  2. Reserved! Apple rep told me on the phone that I'm guaranteed the iPad as long as I pick it up by 3.

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