The Daily, First iPad-only Newspaper, Says Goodbye

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The Daily Says Goodbye

The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper, published its final issue yesterday – a few months shy of two years after launching. The final issue is good read and a good look back on the short history of The Daily.

The final Letter from the Editor offers thanks and a shout out to The Daily’s readers. There’s a timeline of notable exclusives and coverage of big stories by The Daily, a grid of thumbnails of all the front cover pages, and a listing of notable milestones for the title. Some of these are quite impressive:

  • 95% subscription renewal rate
  • #3 on the list of Top Grossing Apps for 2011 – trailing only Angry Birds and Smurfs’ Village
  • 30 minutes spent with The Daily on average

Ironically, even in this final issue it’s easy to see some of the reasons why The Daily failed. One of them is that the title never got some of the most basic things right. This last issue was still slow to load and there are places in it where it’s hard to even swipe back or forward successfully. In the 360 degree panorama image at the top of this post you get a feel for how many staff worked on The Daily. The staff also posted a fun farewell video on YouTube.

The video highlights the biggest issue that lead to the title’s downfall – the sheer scale of it. You get a view of their enormous looking offices – complete with conference rooms and looking like the headquarters of a huge organization. They had over 100 staff and Newscorp spent so many millions on The Daily that it really never had a chance to generate enough revenue to survive.

I still hope someone will come along and do an iPad-only, or iPad first, newspaper right.

Here’s The Daily’s staff farewell video:

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One thought on “The Daily, First iPad-only Newspaper, Says Goodbye”

  1. It’s a shame when anyone loses their job, but I have to say, I’m a heavy user of my iPad, read this and other sources every day and can;t say I’ve ever heard of the daily before.
    Would this because I’m in the UK and it’s US-centric?

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