Notifyr Shows What Great Inter-device Connectivity Could Be Like For iOS

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Notifyr is a new iPhone app that sends notifications to the Mac via the Bluetooth Low Energy profile, and although it’s not currently iPad compatible, it does feature the kind of connectivity I’d like to see Apple implement between the iPhone and iPad. There are two main benefits I can see from this level of integration:

  1. It would allow for the simple convenience of leaving an iPhone in a pocket or bag and then losing yourself in whatever iPad app or game you’re in, as you could trust the iPad to alert you of any iPhone-specific system events (like calls or plain text messages).
  2. Notifications would probably sync better across devices, since they would maintain an active Bluetooth connection at all times. That could mean the end of dismissing duplicate notifications, since your iPad could tell your iPhone that you has just dismissed a particular notification. iOS 7 is supposed to work like this now via iCloud, but it just doesn’t.

I’d also still love to be able to answer a text from my iPad, but it would be a step in the right direction to leverage technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to make iOS and OSX devices more aware of each other.

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