2021 ipad pro

2021 iPad Pro Update: Cards Are Being Charged!

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2021 ipad pro

One of the first signs of life before any Apple product starts its journey to a new owner is the processing of the payment. Apple didn’t get rich for no reason. Nothing ships out until they get their money, but that’s no different than anything else, right?

After seeing a couple of mentions of charges starting to process on Twitter earlier today, I opened up my Apple Wallet app to check and see where I stood. While the amount still shows up as pending, as it has since my preorder processed, it has now been added to my overall card balance. I choose to see that as progress. I guess this also explains why I didn’t get a notification that my Apple Card was charged yet.

I also checked My Orders on the Apple Store app and I see a little progress there, as well. My iPad Pro’s status is now Preparing for Shipment. I’ll take it, but there’s still a week and a half minimum wait before it shows up. In the meantime, at least it looks like I did make the first wave of 12.9″ Pros to ship. That’s good enough for me.

Brydge Max+

Photo Source: Brydge

As if today wasn’t already painful enough on my wallet, I just forked over another $255 for the new Brydge 12.9 Max+ keyboard case. It’s a preorder and I likely won’t get one until sometime in June, when they are currently slated to be released. However, being that keyboard cases have always been a big interest of mine and that I like Brydge’s products for their build quality and good design, I couldn’t pass up getting one right after release to review here. The only way to do that is to get in line now. Unfortunately, Brydge doesn’t wait until your keyboard is preparing to ship to go ahead and hit you with that charge. They are a small company that makes good products, so I don’t see it as too big of a deal.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this new Bluetooth keyboard stacks up against Apple’s Magic Keyboard head-to-head. I am also getting the new Combo Touch keyboard case from Logitech to review, as well. That one uses the Smart Connector, like the Magic Keyboard, but has a much different design. It’s good to have multiple quality keyboard case options for the iPad Pro, even if they are all somewhat pricey. I am curious to see which one comes out on top and why. The only way to really know what you prefer is to try them all.

As I said earlier, there’s still a week and a half to wait for the new iPad Pro. Unfortunately, the only thing interesting going on right now is the Apple vs Epic trial, which I had my fill of long ago and really don’t want to write about until it’s over. At least today provided a little bit of news about something a lot more fun than lawyers debating what a game is while dueling with embarrassing document disclosures. Let me save you some trouble here- Apple will win round one. Epic will appeal. This will keep on going for a while. Little will change other than the size of the lawyers’ bank accounts.

Did anyone else who preordered the new iPad Pro have their cards charged today, or at least have the amount show up as owed on their cards? Still waiting patiently? Let me know where you are in the process in the Comments section below or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.


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