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A New 12.9″ iPad Pro Rumor is Making the Rounds

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Ming-Chi Kuo has a new report that clarifies some previous information he released back in October. In that previous note, he predicted that Apple would release new iPad Pros with new Mini-LED displays in the Fall of 2020 with a new MacBook coming the following year. Now he saying that it will be the 12.9″ Pro alone that gets a Mini-LED display in the third quarter of next year.

Kuo has also changed his tune on the MacBook, saying that Mini-LED will first come to an Apple laptop in the same timeframe as the iPad Pro, rather than in 2021. He also says  that four to six total devices with Mini-LED displays are planned over the next two to three years.

While I didn’t include it in my initial article, I wasn’t sure what to think of Kuo’s first report on a Fall 2020 iPad Pro. While a third quarter arrival was predicted from two different sources, that is an awfully long time between iPad Pro releases. The current gen Pros came during the Fall of 2018 and 18 months has been the norm. Fall of 2020 would run that all the way out to 24 months between generations.

Then you also have the fact that there was a previous report from Ming-Chi Quo in October saying that new iPad Pros were coming in the first quarter of 2020. That timeframe happens to line up with the more typical 18 month release cycle for the Pro. While these reports seem like they directly conflict each other, the new information from Kuo brings a little clarification to the situation.

Since Kuo is now predicting that only the 12.9″ iPad Pro is coming in the third quarter, it is possible that Apple is going to split up the device releases this coming year. The implication is that the 12.9 will come out later because of the development time still needed for the new Mini-LED screen tech. If this is true, then it is highly possible that the 11″ Pro could be refreshed in the Spring, holding to the normal 18 month release cycle. An 11″ Pro in the Spring could have some company, as Apple is supposedly launching a follow-up to the iPhone SE in the first quarter. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the iPad Air gets a spec refresh at that time, as well.

While splitting the iPad Pro release schedule would be a shift from the norm over the last two and half years, Apple certainly isn’t against shaking things up in this regard from time to time. It really wouldn’t surprise me if this release schedule turns out to be true, and if you are an iPad fan like me, that is exciting news. This means that we could have a new 11″ iPad Pro with a spec bump early next year, with a new 12.9″ version featuring interesting new screen tech by Fall. I love my larger-screen iPad and a new one that is possibly thinner and has better battery life would absolutely be worth the wait.

Stay tuned. While things on the rumor front will probably settle down through the Holidays, I expect we will start getting details on any Spring iPads sometime in January.

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