A Render of the New 12.9″ iPad Pro Surfaces…Maybe

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Photo Source: MySmartPrice

Some new reports of the potential upcoming iPad Pros surfaced yesterday. MySmartPrice and noted device leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, better known as Steve H on Twitter, posted a render of the supposed new 12.9″ iPad Pro based on earlier CAD design leaks. I say supposed because both sources are clear that they aren’t 100% sure about this information.

Video Source: MySmartPrice

Here are some of the highlights of this design:

  • No Home Button, obviously.
  • Also no headphone jack, which was expected.
  • No “notch” on the front. There is enough of a front bezel that it isn’t necessary for Face ID on this device.
  • The camera protrusion on the back seems more pronounced than on the current model.
  • Cellular antennas moved to the top and bottom edges of the back of the device.
  • This design looks very much like the iPhone 5, 5S, SE, with the less rounded, more pronounced sides and chamfered edges.
  • The indention showed above the Lightning Port in previous CAD image leaks is now a full-blown Smart Connector.
  • There is an unknown port or button on the same side as the Volume Buttons and Camera, which also lines up with the recent case leak.

Well, this may not be 100% reliable, but the evidence that Apple may really be moving the Smart Connector is mounting. However, there is still a little reason for healthy skepticism here. First off, no one seems completely sure about these images and renders, and they are all clear about it. Secondly, if these are based on the same CAD drawing we already saw, whoever put this together may have simply inferred the connector shown in these renderings based on the indention shown on the CAD, and the rumors surrounding it.

As you can see in one of the leaked CAD’s above, the Smart Connector contacts are not shown. In other words, this design may be stuck in its own echo chamber. However, I am also making an assumption that the render is based on this CAD image. Steve H mentioned that he’s gotten several. It is possible the rendering is based on one we haven’t seen,

Lastly, no one has any idea what the button or port located on the side is. It is quite possible that this is still a Smart Connector, just moved to the opposite of its current side. Maybe it is something completely different. Maybe we are all stuck thinking of the iPad Pro as it currently is, and Apple is planning on really shaking things up and moving beyond how we currently think of the Smart Connector. It’s really hard to say, at this point.

As much as I don’t like the potential prospect of a Smart Connector where these renders show it, I have to say change my mind and say that it’s at least possible. I’m going to stick to my philosophy that, the closer you get to release, the more truth there is in the leaks. This rendering may not be 100% accurate, and the people doing the leaking may be making some incorrect assumptions about what ports and features go where, but I have to believe there is some truth here. The challenge is figuring out where that truth is and what it means.

Whatever happens, hopefully we will know all about it one week from tomorrow.

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