A Spring iPad Pro Really is in the Air

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A few days ago, I wrote the following:

There’s no way to know if the early or late rumors are correct yet, but if we don’t start seeing some actual hardware leaks soon, you can pretty much rule out early. And like I said before, don’t expect two Pro releases in one product year.

Well, it looks like that supply chain information pointing to a Spring iPad Pro update is now starting to come in.

First off, DigiTimes, right on the heels of predicting a 5G iPad Pro coming in the Fall, is once again reporting on a Spring iPad Pro release. My head hurts. Keeping up with this year’s iPad Pro rumors is like watching a tennis match.

According to this report (via MacRumors), these new iPads have already entered production:

Apple is scheduled to launch its new ‌iPad Pro‌ series around March, with related suppliers already kicking off production for the model ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday. However, their output has started growing slowly after the extended Lunar New Year break in China with shipments unlikely to peak until after April, according to industry sources.

One source is good, but two is a real party. That’s especially true when source number two is Mark Gurman of Bloomberg:

Amid its coronavirus troubles, Apple has been preparing to launch a new low-cost iPhone at around $400, Bloomberg News has reported. The model is still on track to launch in March, though the plans are still fluid, according to people familiar with the matter. Apple has also been preparing updated iPad Pro models with a new camera system for the first half of 2020 and the virus may yet impose delays or constraints on those plans.

Gurman is pretty much the gold standard when it comes to Apple rumors and leaks, so I think we can definitely plan for new iPad Pros with the current iPhone 11 Pro triple camera setup and likely an A13X processor to show up in the next month. Hopefully the revamped Smart Keyboard we have also heard about recently will be coming with them.

Based on these new reports, I feel sure new iPad Pros are coming soon and I’m thrilled about that. It’s been 18 months and it’s time for some new gear! However, I’m now skeptical that Apple would release another iPad Pro upgrade later in the same year. I guess one scenario that makes sense would be Apple releasing a new Pro model that doesn’t replace anything that comes out this Spring.

There is another possibility based on one thing that 9to5Mac picked up on in DigiTimes’ report:

Interestingly, Digitimes describes the new model as a ’12-inch iPad Pro’. Apple currently sells 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models. It’s not clear if this is just a typo or a suggestion that Apple will be once again changing the iPad Pro screen sizes.

I’ve written before about the chances that Apple could split up the iPad Pro lineup releases. If DigiTimes really just meant the 12.9″ version of the Pro, then maybe that will turn out to be the case. 9to5Mac’s suggestion that Apple may release a new model in a different size is even more interesting.

Whatever Apple is up to, it should come into clearer focus over the next few weeks as more supply chain production reports and clarifications of these various rumors come in. And whatever happens, it’s likely there will be an Apple event to tell us all about it in the next three to five weeks.

James Rogers

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